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Do you find yourself behind the wheel frequently?


Your car may be one of your most valuable assets, and it is perfectly normal to be concerned about you and your car's safety. Having that peace-of-mind knowing that your vehicle is protected by your silent witness is priceless.


Whether this is your first dash cam purchase or you've picked up several in the past, it's worth making sure you're up to date with the latest advancements in tech.  As technology moves quickly, getting our HD DVR CAMERA RECORDER is an essential step to take now!


This is even more advanced than the other dashboard camera because of it's Infra Night Vision 270 degree Rotation Loop video.


We are confident that you will get the camera that really suits your needs and can be used for a variety of purposes. 


This will record as soon as you start your car's engine. It can help you save a lot of time, money, and trouble in the long run. 


A super beneficial for taxi drivers, lyft & uber drivers, proof for car insurance, and recording car drives.





  • Evidence In Case Of An Accident - It supports a real-time playback, that is clear enough to restore event. A straight-to-the-point proof in case of an unexpected accident. This can be the most reliable and most efficient proof you have for defending yourself in case of an accident. 



  • Record the Entire Road Trips - A significant investment that will help you turn your road trip into a great experience and a memory you will cherish over the years.


  • Prevent Fraud - It can prevent scammers from illegally extorting money from you for something you haven't even done.


  • Efficiently Prevent Parking Accidents - This camera is specially designed to give you peace of mind you need at night, knowing that your car is safe and sound in the parking lot or anywhere else.


  • Perfect Solution For Undisciplined Drivers - Can be used to report a variety of drivers who do not act according to their status, when on the roads, or traffic.


Never underestimate the power of our HD DVR CAMERA RECORDER! 


If you look at the online videos of car accidents and unexpected phenomena, you will see that most of them have been accidentally caught on camera, and very few of them have actually been recorded on purpose. In other words, this can really help you capture the things that you least expect them to.





LARGE SCREEN DISPLAY - With the 2.4-inch screen, It supports a real-time playback, and it's clear enough to restore any event.


SD PICTURE AND LOOP VIDEO - 5 million high-definition, wide-angle camera 500 W pixel 270 P high-definition resolution, a more extensive range of shooting film intercept diagram scale 1280 X 720. With a powerful chip, the car driving recorder will record car video for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes without ceasing.


6 INFRARED FILL LIGHTS - With the newest six infrared night vision lights, it gives you confidence driving at night, especially when its raining and lighting are poor. The infrared light turns on automatically, or you can manually turn it off. It will surely improve visibility by using the fill light effect.


ROTATION DESIGN - It can be rotated through 270 degrees. This is the ultimate solution for your viewing angle problem. Convenient and intuitive with integrated design and no internal space.


REMOVABLE BATTERY DESIGN - Nokia standard 5C battery, for more replacement and prevents aging. It also improves the recorder's endurance.






Type: Driving Recorder

Material: Plastic + electronic elements

Quantity: 1 Pc

Color: Black

LCD screen size: Standard 2.4 inch

Night Vision: 6 Night Vision Fill Light

Wide Angle: 120 °

Anti-vibration Function: Support

Loop Video: Support

Video Format: PAL / NTSC

Video Recording: HD (1080 * 720 ) S / 25 frame

Current frequency: 50HZ / 60HZ

Transmission rate 3m / s

Video format: AVI

G-sensor: not supported

Camera mode: 5MP

Language: Support multi-language mode

Photo format: JPEG

memory card: TF card (Max 32G)

Built-in audio:

Support USB interface: USB

Power connector: Cigarette lighter power supply

Installation position

battery: 1050 mAh battery

lens: 0307

size: 10.5 * 6.2 *

2cm / 4.13 * 2.44 * 0.79 ” net weight: 230g / 8.11oz





1 * drive recorder

1 * Power cable

1 * manual

1 * packing box





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